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I am the Running Fat Guy!

I started running races back in 2011 and I finally had enough of not having energy or the ambition to get up and live life!  I've met some awesome people on my journey both that inspire me and that keep me going.  I wanted to make a change in my life and thought perhaps others could benefit form my story.  So I started Running Fat Guy. Something I could do that could inspire others to change their lives for the better like I am.  To share in the ups and downs, trade info and have some fun along the way!

I had never run before... like ever.  So I started with some 5K races.  They hurt... I was slow.. and my only goal was to finish and not die on the route.  Then I ran more 5Ks.  Then I graduated to 10K races.  They hurt but things were getting better.  I started to really like running.  After a few 10ks under my belt I had the awesome idea of running a Half Marathon.  Say what?  Guys that weigh close to 300 pounds don't run 13.1 miles!  Not even when being chased.  But I did... and it was one of the best things I had ever done. Completing the race was such an accomplishment.  It is hard to describe attaining a goal.  Naturally... after a half marathon people starting whispering the word "full" around you.  Come on... lets not be stupid here I thought.  Running 26.2 miles is practically inhuman.  How could I ever think to do it?

I have doctors, trainers and coaches guiding me along the way. I try to do something ever single day! Try... I'm also human.  I love my comfortable bed as much as anyone else.  The best part of falling off the workout wagon is getting back on it.  This site and blog are helping me with accountability in that respect.

I have attempted a full marathon three times.  The first time I made it 18 miles and the second time I made it 15 miles, the third 17 miles.  Everytime the failure crushed me.  I had injuries that hadn't healed each time and didn't train properly and oh yeah... I'm still a pretty big guy. But I won't let it stop my goal no matter how impossible i may think it is at times.

I'm funny, I'm sarcastic, I'm in no way a trainer, doctor, or formally educated on what you should eat, how you should train, or products you should buy.  I post about things that work or don't work for me.  Food I eat, food I want to eat, what motivates me, my pitfalls and whatever is on my mind at the time.  Take it or leave it.



Click the link below for more information on each event. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017  5:00pm  - Guadians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Movie


I am always hosting fundraisers and looking to organize events to inspire others and raise money for great charities.

Come back here for more info on upcoming events or contact me below if you're interested in partnering with you.

Steve Abood

Running Fat Guy

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